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What are landing pages?

A landing page is a powerful tool that can drive conversions and skyrocket your marketing campaigns. These pages are designed with a specific purpose in mind and serve as a gateway to your business from your marketing campaigns. 

When users follow a link from an email, social media post or online advertisement, they’re directed straight to your landing page, which should make an impact!

Here, you can showcase your latest offers, products and services with a clear and compelling ‘call to action’ or CTA. You want to encourage your new visitors to complete an action on this page, be it filling in your contact form, or signing up to your mailing list, before they navigate away.

Homepages vs Landing Pages

While it is important to direct traffic to your homepage, it is less likely to result in sales. While homepages invite visitors to browse your entire website, landing pages have a clear call to action and eliminate the additional step of a user having to navigate your website to find information on products and services.

What are the different types of landing pages?

Also called ‘lead capture pages’, the main focus of lead generation pages is to use a form as their call to action, encouraging visitors to enter their data, such as an email address or phone number.

Click-through landing pages usually have a simple button as their call to action which, when clicked, sends users to the checkout flow, or allows them to complete a transaction.

Instead of just gathering leads or sign-ups, the aim of sales pages is to directly convince visitors to make a purchase from your site as they land.

The aim of viral landing pages is to build brand awareness. They should contain informative and engaging copy and may contain images or videos.

These can be shared on social media and increase brand recognition. They should have a unique design or point of view in order to make these pages work.

Microsites are miniature websites created for a specific marketing campaign or sales goal. Though a microsite contains more than one page, differing from any of the other landing page types, it is still created with one specific promotion or campaign in mind.

This can be a large job and would only be recommended for large-scale marketing campaigns that are going to run for a long time to make the investment worth your time.

Why are landing pages so important for marketing campaigns?

A professional and compelling landing page can win visitors over by providing them with examples of the high-quality products or services your business has to offer.

It's a great front to show off testimonials of your past work to convince this potential visitor that you're the right choice!

Landing pages show potential customers that you are a legitimate and credible business. By investing time and effort into creating tailored landing pages for your campaigns, you're displaying your commitment to delivering the best experience for your customers, past and present.

The main objective of your website is to attract visitors and convert them into leads. Unlike homepages, landing pages place users closer to the end goal of completing a purchase or form submission, which often results in far higher conversion rates than your usual search traffic visitors.

By having landing pages dedicated to different offers and topics, you are able to track which areas have the highest engagement rate.

This can provide insight into your customers’ interests, likes and dislikes, allowing you to modify and improve your marketing strategy where required.

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