Let your images do the talking with help from our Graphic Design team

Why should I invest in professional graphic design and creative services?

Investing in graphic design is a powerful way to captivate your audience, communicate your brand message to potential customers, and encourage them to take action. As a business, drawing attention to your brand is vital to success. 

In the fast-paced world of digital marketing and social media, good graphic design will hold a user’s attention long enough for your advertisement to make an impact. 

It becomes immediately obvious to customers when brands all use the same trending Canva template for their ads, and they all start to blur together – make sure to stand out from the crowd!

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"Graphic designers are expensive", and other common misconceptions.

A common misconception about graphic design is that it’s only for businesses with deep pockets. Luckily, that’s not true, and it’s very possible to get quality graphic design services without breaking the bank. 

At OMDIGI, we offer creative add-ons to the majority of our advertising services. We’re happy to work out a customised solution based on what graphic design services you’re looking for. Just chat with us about what you need and we’ll let you know how we can help! 

Another myth is that graphic design is just about logos. In reality, it encompasses much more than that. Graphic design involves creating visual content to communicate a message. It doesn’t just involve still images either, animation and video are integral to graphic design.

How does graphic design help me with digital marketing?

Incorporating high-quality graphic design elements is essential if you want to clearly communicate your brand message. Using different types of images and graphics on your website, such as eye-catching custom fonts, graphics, images and videos, along with clear and easy-to-read messaging portrays your brand in a way that encourages potential customers to buy from you.

Visually appealing and attention-grabbing advertisements increase sales by captivating your audience. Having professional and appealing graphic design on your website, advertisements and social media posts demonstrates that your company is focused on delivering quality products and services.

Good graphic design in your advertisements encourages users to visit your website and research your brand further, while poorly made graphics have the opposite effect, and can cheapen the look and feel of your company!

Having a consistent ‘brand’ for your business’s marketing, including your website, social media, and paid advertising, will have a positive effect on sales and brand image. Good graphic design is important, as it can help you establish your own unique image.

This includes specific colours, logos, and fonts that customers will begin to associate with your brand. You want people to immediately know who's talking to them the minute they see your images.

It’s true: “a picture is worth a thousand words”. Using long paragraphs of text on your website without incorporating graphic design elements makes your website and advertisements appear boring, and makes it difficult for users to comprehend them quickly.

Many people are more comfortable consuming visual information in a fast-paced online world. For this reason, high-quality graphic design is essential to making a positive and lasting impact.

What areas of graphic design and creative can the OMDIGI team help my brand with?

Graphic design plays an important role in creating visually appealing content for your digital marketing campaigns. Our digital services will help you build eye-catching graphics to engage your audience.

With our outdoor & print collateral services, you can easily reach a large audience and boost your brand awareness to a wide demographic that may be missed through social media advertising alone.

Our branding & logo design services help you build a cohesive brand identity that sticks in your customers' minds. Whether you're looking for a new eye-catching logo or an entire brand identity, we can help!

Our custom-designed templates are designed with your customers in mind. They help you step up your email campaigns and consistently provide your audience with content that resonates with them.

If you're looking for something that you don't see here, don't worry! We have experience in a huge range of fields, just get in touch and we'll find a solution for your needs. 

Let's get creative!

Whether you’re after a new look, or just want someone you can trust to adhere to your brand guidelines, OMDIGI can help! We know how to bring your concepts to life while staying true to your brand’s existing look and feel, and work closely with you every step of the way to make sure it meets your desired outcomes. Get in touch with us today to see how we can make your creative woes and frustrations into nothing more than a distant memory.