LinkedIn Ads, what are they?

Why should you advertise on LinkedIn?

The number of users on LinkedIn can seem minuscule compared to those on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. However, LinkedIn enables you to reach an audience of professionals and businesses alike.

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Types of LinkedIn Ads

LinkedIn offers a variety of advertising formats designed to suit a diverse range of companies, goals, budgets and designs. Each of these ad styles brings its own unique benefits to your business.

Advantages of using LinkedIn Ads

Connect with professionals

With LinkedIn ads, you can easily promote campaigns to those within the same field. Not only does this increase your company’s reach, but it allows you to build connections and learn from others in your field.

Enhance business opportunities

Email campaigns can increase sales by informing customers about specials, new products, discount codes and other deals. They can also be used to remind those who have items in their shopping cart to return to your website and finalise their purchase.


Networking is LinkedIn’s main purpose. Sharing quality content can increase your reach, build relationships with other professionals and direct relevant traffic towards your website.

Promote Job listings

Though you can advertise on various job seeker websites, LinkedIn allows you to view the profiles and résumés of potential candidates.

Promote other opportunities

If you’re hosting events such as training courses, presentations or product launches, advertising on LinkedIn is the perfect way to appeal to those in your field.


A downside of LinkedIn ads is that they are far pricier than your average social media advertisement. LinkedIn requires businesses to bid a minimum of $2 for pay per click (PPC) and pay per impression campaigns, however on average businesses pay between $5.26 and $6.59 per impression. However, it is important to consider whether the benefits of LinkedIn advertising outweigh any additional costs.

The exact cost of a LinkedIn ad campaign is dependent on three main factors: Target Audience, Ad Relevance and Bid.

Are LinkedIn ads right for you?

LinkedIn advertising is most suited to companies that sell products and services relevant to businesses or professionals. If your products or services are unrelated, such as selling jewellery or running a children’s daycare, LinkedIn probably isn’t the best place to market your products. Before investing in LinkedIn ads, consider whether your business is relevant. If so, it could be a beneficial addition to your marketing strategy.

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