Instagram Stories Hacks for Businesses

Did you know that over 1.7 million accounts use Instagram Stories daily? 


With Instagram Stories growing increasingly popular among users, many business owners are using IG Story hacks to improve their brand engagement, gain higher followers and build a more authentic connection with their audiences. Not only are they fun and creative, IG Stories are a great way to cultivate brand awareness and drive sales.


If you want to accelerate your brand’s online presence in 2020, then these innovative Instagram Stories hacks will be perfect for your business. With the devastating effects of COVID-19, marketing your business can be a hard job – so we’re here to give you some new ideas to re-engage with your audience. Check out these cool and trendy IG hacks below! 


Get #SwipeUp Link without 10k Followers 

One of the most commonly asked questions for business owners is: How do I get the swipe up link? The game changer is that you don’t actually need to have 10,000 followers to enable this feature on Instagram.


In fact, there’s a pretty simple way to get around this – you can switch to IGTV which allows you to add a link to the caption. Once the video is uploaded, you can embed the IGTV link into your story. This Instagram Story hack is an amazing tool for businesses to drive more traffic to your latest blogs or product pages, and boost your sales conversion. 


The Layout Feature 

The Layout Feature is a versatile IG hack for both iOS and Android users. It allows you to upload up to 6 pictures on a grid template within a single Instagram Story. This can help your business to show more details about a certain product or service in a 15 second story. 


Not only does it have a structured and cohesive layout (perfect for separating chunks of info), it can save you plenty of time from manually creating your own collages, and you can put much more detail into a single story. Here’s how you can post Layout Stories into your IG story: 


  • Open the Instagram story camera and slide the bottom bar to find the “Layout” option.

  • You can either take live pictures or you can use those already in your gallery.

  • Select the layout in which you want the images to appear and pick the images.

  • Add some aesthetic decorations and finish your image collage! 

Combine Multiple Questions Stickers into a Single Story 

Questions Stickers are a great IG feature to use, especially for businesses in answering their customer’s questions, interacting with their audiences, getting recommendations, knowing their followers better and providing helpful support. 


But did you know that you can actually share multiple responses to your Questions Sticker in a single story? Yes, you heard correctly – by combining and sharing several responses into your Instagram story, it helps build a strong sense of community and intimate bonding with your audience – all while streamlining the customer experience by saving your followers some time in tapping on each individual response! Here’s how: 


  • Create a question for your audience

  • Share any response to your story and save it in your gallery

  • Then use the picture you saved and create a second story using a different question sticker response

  • Keep adding all the responses and finally publish the Instagram story. 


Track & View Story Reshares 

One the coolest hacks when using Instagram Stories for businesses is the ability to track whoever shares your posts without tagging your brand. While Instagram does offer data around your posts’ performance (such as impression, saves, follows, etc.), it doesn’t seem to give you any visible information on your story reshares. 


Luckily, this hidden View Story Reshares feature gives you insight into the kind of audience which resonates with your brand, while also directly interacting with the original posters – a great way to nurture leads and boost conversion!


Here’s how you can this IG hack: 


  • Go to your most recent post and click on the three dots (…) in the upper right corner near your Instagram post 

  • Scroll down and click ‘View Story Reshares’

  • This will take you to another screen with a list of your current public reshares

  • You can also tap on a reshare to see it live on the user’s account

  • If you don’t see the option to view story reshares, this means that your post isn’t currently being shared in anyone’s stories!

  • Note: This feature allows you to see shares only on the recent post because the story is available for 24 hours


Add Custom & Brand Font to Your Stories 

Instagram’s existing default fonts are great, yet they may not match your branding design and aesthetic. That’s why adding customized fonts which reflect your branding can differentiate yourself and enhance the typographic creativity of your IG Stories. Here’s how you can do this in a few easy steps:


  • Download the app ‘Fonts’ and enable it on your keyboard settings

  • Select the keyboard font type / style 

  • Start creating content


Alternatively, if you want to use your own Brand font, you can also download the Over mobile app, where you can Airdrop your font’s OFT. file to your mobile device. Once you get the Airdrop notification and pop-up menu, tap on ‘Over’ and there you have it – you’re now able to incorporate your own brand font onto your Instagram Story! 


Custom Brand Colour Palette 

Integrating your brand’s colour palette is an effective way to show off your brand’s personality, style and tone – Instagram is a social media platform heavily based around aesthetic visuals, so you need to make sure your branding is consistent throughout, including within your IG stories!


While Instagram doesn’t offer your brand colours in its default options, you can still use this hidden Instagram Stories hack which lets you access all kinds of colours for your text! Here’s how you can start using this hack:


  • Open your Instagram Stories and select the brush tool

  • Tap and hold any of the default colour options at the bottom of the screen to open the color slider

  • Swipe across the slider to pick a custom colour for your story


Even better, if you’re using an Instagram Stories template that you’ve designed with your brand colors, you can use the colour picker tool to select the exact brand color from your template! You can also make your text design even more appealing by using the colour picker tool to create a gradient effect with your text – click here for a step-by-step guide! 


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