How Apple’s iOS 14 update may affect your Facebook Ads

Are you confused about how the new IOS 14 update will affect your facebook campaign performance? With future effects of this software update still unclear, here’s some tips and information that may help you!

What is the iOS14 update?
Apple’s iOS 14 changes require that all apps in the App store show a prompt to iOS 14 users for permission to track them in accordance with their AppTrackingTransparency framework. The prompt will make it clear that the app wants permission to use data with two simple buttons:

  • Allow Tracking 

  • Ask Apps not to track 

How will this affect me? 

The proposed changes could limit our ability to effectively reach, understand and engage people. The new policies will impact targeting, optimisation and measurement of app and mobile web campaigns. Changes will limit the ability to:

  • Effectively deliver ads to people based on engagement with your business 

  • Measure and report on conversions from certain customers 

  • Ensure ads are delivered to most relevant audiences 

  • Predict and optimise cost per action over time and efficiently allocate budgets 

  • Effectively use personalised advertising to acquire new customers 

What do we need to do now? 

It is currently unknown when all these changes will take place, and Facebook is still rolling out new features to overcome any challenges presented by this iOS update. They have provided the following information below on what will change but no dates to when this will be rolled out. 

  • You may need to verify your Domain in business manager → more info and here

  • Your pixel may only optimise for a maximum of 8 conversion events for each domain. Facebook will initially configure the events that they believe the most relevant to your business. All other events will be made inactive for campaign optimisation and reporting. 

  • Delay in reporting – real-time reporting will not be supported and data may be delayed up to 3 days

  • No support for campaign breakdowns which will impact the ability to determine demographics such as age, gender, region and placement.

  • Changes to attribution window – all campaigns will be set to 7-day click attribution window (28 day click-through, 28-day view-through, 7-day view through will no longer be supported). This has started to roll out from 20th of January – more info here.

If you’d like further information, you can find it here on the Facebook Business Center Manager. 

Get in touch with OMDIGI Social Team for more information and to help you excel in your Facebook advertising.  

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