Officially A Trainee Graduate!

I’m Roxie, a Digital Marketing Executive at OMDIGI Group and a recent Traineeship Graduate. Over the past 12 months, I have been part of a NSW Traineeship program. This means I was working at OMDIGI Group (a digital marketing agency) whilst studying a Certificate III in Business through a training provider, ARC Group Training.

When I left school, I was a part of the 43% of young people in Australia today who had no idea about what they wanted to do when they had finished school, but I knew I didn’t want to go straight to University. So to get my foot in the door of the ‘business world’ I decided to take a different route and embark on a journey that was my Traineeship.

My mentor from ARC Group instantly matched me up with OMDIGI Group where I was originally recruited as an Office Junior. After a few short months, I proved my ability and drive to learn.  I started to work more with the production teams for Google Ads and Social Media. In these teams, I had the opportunity to learn from industry professionals in paid social, organic social, and paid search. It was great to get an insight into how businesses engage with OMDIGI Group, the services they provide to clients and how they work together to drive the client’s business!

The biggest step forward for me at OMDIGI Group came in December 2018 when OMDIGI gave me the opportunity to manage a client account. At first, I was nervous about taking on such a huge responsibility but I was determined to make sure I succeeded in each task that I undertook, ensuring I was always doing the best for my client and that they were happy with the results we were getting for them.

In my very first client meeting, I was under the impression that I was meeting with the Marketing Manager who was my client contact. However, much to my surprise I was in fact greeted by the CEO of the company at that first meeting. With the skills I had gained from my work colleagues during the last 12 months, I was able to drive the conversation around the client’s performance and set up their upcoming campaigns confidently.

The responsibility I was given on this occasion made me proud to showcase and put into practice, the skills I have learned.

I am very proud to say that the hard work I put in, and the wonderful training from ARC Group & my colleagues at OMDIGI Group has paid off, as I have been nominated as Australian Trainee of the Year for 2018, and am now a permanent employee at OMDIGI Group. I look forward to growing with the OMDIGI team and seeing what the future holds,  not just for me, but the agency as a whole!

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