All Aboard the Instagram Filter Quiz Hype!

Instagram Filters Quizzes are the hottest sensation right now. From quizzes like “Which Disney character are you?” and “Which Office character are you?” these apps latest iterations is a fun and innovative twist on the typical personality quiz and will no doubt be a fantastic way for you to procrastinate! 

The filter adds a stylized frame over your head and after a dramatic spin, gives you the result. These quizzes also range from questions such as “What ethnicity are you?” or “How old do you look?”. The filters are most likely randomised, with many different results for users to obtain!

While these quizzes are the perfect viral trend, they are often extremely painstaking to find on the app itself. When you are creating a new Instagram story, there is no curated list of popular Instagram Filter Quizzes to browse through and there is no search function to find the specific desired filter. 

The best way to find them is to click on your friends’ stories that feature them. Or, you can tap the link to its creator on your mobile app and then tap the smiley face icon in the centre of their profile. You can even scroll through the fandom tab to find the filter quizzes which reference characters from pop culture or entertainment channels. 

There is also an option to ask your friend to share the filter through Direct Message – they should find the filter in their Instagram camera and select ‘Send To…’ from the filter’s menu, and tap on your IG account. 

Which Shrek character are you?

By Fandom Entertainment [YouTube]. 5 Shrek Movies Ranked.

Which Office character are you?

By TV Insider. The Office Reboot.

Which Pixar character are you?

By Thebiguglyalien. Pixar Character Blitz Quiz

Due to the quizzes’ popularity, it is inevitable that businesses will begin grabbing the opportunity to use branded filters. The chicken company Bojangles was one of the first — its filter draws from various menu items from the popular fast food chain, deciding if you are fries, a biscuit or a 2-piece meal. 

These Instagram Filter Quizzes are not slowing down and many are being created for both social and business purposes. That’s why it is crucial for digital marketers to capitalise on this trend to effectively engage their customers and build memorable brand exposure. 

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