Did you know that Snapchat has now launched dynamic ads?

Dynamic ads have just launched on Snapchat and with this you will be able to easily create Snapchat ads which are based on the product catalog from your website in much the same way as the product catalog that integrates with Facebook and Instagram! It will use the product catalog to dynamically retarget people with the product that they have seen on your website! Perfect for really driving home conversions at bottom-of-funnel!

Snapchat already allows to you use ‘Snap Pixel’ to track campaigns, using this you will be able to optimize campaigns towards getting purchases, especially with the product catalog synced this means any promotions on your website will also be updated at the same time. This means you can continue running your ads without stopping them for certain promotions.

In Snap’s dynamic ads platform, you are able to use their built-in templates to help create different variations of your ads in vertical format. You can see examples of the templates in both the images above and below.
With this process it will make it easier for brands to advertise on Snapchat as you won’t need to manually update each listing and the creative process is more streamlined.

When selecting the audience you would like to target you can choose prospecting or re-engagement audiences and then Snap’s system will deliver your ads in real-time.
This is very useful when re-engaging with customers who have engaged with certain products on your site as it will present to the customer in a much more personalised format. 

The only downfall that comes with the dynamic ads is the amount of creativity that you can add to them when you are trying to connect with the Snap audience.

Brands in the U.S are already having success with some reporting decreases in cost per purchase and increase in ROAS.

Dynamic ads will be in open beta starting in the coming weeks, for any advertiser looking to reach Snapchatters in the United States. Unfortunately at this current moment this is only available in the U.S  but additional countries will be supported in the coming months.

Not really sure if Snapchat fits your target audience or that Snapchat is past its time? Think again, Snapchat added 7 million daily active users this quarter to hit 210 million daily users!

Do you think this could be valuable for your company? Let us know your thoughts.

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