New Facebook Standard Events

You may have noticed some changes in your Facebook Ads Manager very recently and in particular to the Standard Events that Facebook include as part of the Facebook pixel.

If you didn’t already know, Facebook utilises a tool called the Pixel which you drop onto your website to track various user actions on your website that matter to you.  The bonus being you can then use this information to build audiences and to optimize campaigns for.

Historically, Facebook already has quite a varied selection of these standard events to implement such as tracking events for Purchases, Leads, Complete Registrations, Add To Carts, Initiate Checkouts and View Contents, to name a few. With each of these you can add parameters such a currency and value (where applicable) so you’re able to identify what monetary value these campaigns are bringing; super handy and makes measuring success very easy as you can easily identify the return you are bringing based on your ad spend.

So now that we’ve covered the standard events (briefly – there are more resources on Facebook’s Help Centre about these) Facebook has decided to launch a raft of new standard events for marketers to implement and start tracking.  Some of the more interesting additions for marketers are events such as:

  • “Customize Product” which tracks when someone customizes a product they are looking at, i.e. changing the colour of a t-shirt,
  • “FindLocation” which can be fired when people search for your physical store,
  • “Schedule” which can be fired if you have an online appointment booking system,
  • “StartTrial” when someone opts to start a free trial of a service that you offer,
  • “Subscribes” to track when someone starts a paid subscription to a service that you offer.

These are just a few of the new standard events available to use moving forward and they should be landing in your Events Manager anytime now, check out the full list below:

  • “AddPaymentInfo”
  • “AddtoCart”
  • “AddToWishList”
  • “CompleteRegistration”
  • “Contact”
  • “CustomizeProduct”
  • “Donate”
  • “FindLocation”
  • “InitateCheckout”
  • “Lead”
  • “PageView”
  • “Purchase”
  • “Schedule”
  • “Search”
  • “StartTrial”
  • “SubmitApplication”
  • “Subscribe”
  • “ViewContent”

As always, with Facebook Pixel implementations an invaluable tool to use is the Facebook Pixel Helper which lets you easily check if your pixel is accurately tracking events.  Head over to Facebook Pixel Helper to download and install!

If you need help with your Pixel implementation or your Facebook Ads or aren’t getting the returns you were expecting then give us a call on (02) 9427 6481 or email – we’d love to have a chat with you!

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