Are You Using Campaign Budget Optimisation (CBO)?

You may have seen that Facebook is removing the ability to assign budget at an ad group level.  Instead, from later this year, Facebook will be forcing advertisers to set budgets at a campaign level. Facebook wants us to put our faith in their algorithms and allow it’s new technology, Campaign Budget Optimisation (CBO), to do all the heavy lifting and distribute your overall budget accordingly depending on which ad groups are performing best.

The ability to do this has been available in Facebook for a while now so that advertisers could get used to it and the functionality of it. However, not everyone is convinced of its effectiveness.

At OMDIGI we’re seeing positive results in the campaigns where we are using CBO.  It seems to be particularly helpful when we want to scale campaigns. Historically you had to be very careful when ‘upping’ budgets as this could  dramatically affect your ad group learnings. 

Also, there have been “rules” thrown about in the Facebook ad community about not increasing a budget by more than 20% per day, otherwise your campaigns could tank.  CBO seems to be much more forgiving in this respect and allows for more aggressive scaling, at least in the campaigns we’ve tested it on.

We’ve also seen great results from friends and colleagues in other agencies and similarly other friends and advertisers who say that CBO just doesn’t work for them. The jury is out on this one to be honest but the feature is here to stay so we will just have to embrace it and make it work for us, as once September rolls around this is going to be the only option available to advertisers!

If CBO is making your head spin then get in touch!

We’re happy to provide a free social audit of your campaigns and see how you could improve what you’re doing – with, or without, CBO! 🙂

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