Why advertise on Google

There are so many reasons why businesses worldwide flock to advertise on Google. If you want to benefit from infinite keyword opportunities provided by Google and enhance your conversions, find out below why you should be advertising on Google!

Google Advertise: Target Your Ideal Customers

With Google, you can easily reach your target market in powerful, yet cost-effective ways. Google provides a range of flexible options to effectively advertise to your ideal customer – this includes the use of keyword analysis and keyword bidding on Google Adwords, which allows your business to display ads to prospects on the search engine.

By creating a post-click landing page, you’re able to capture your prospects at the earlier stages of the marketing funnel and send informative, engaging content that remains relevant to your audience’s searches. With Google Ads, you can even retarget prospects who have visited your website yet have not made any purchases, which can dramatically enhance your conversion rate. This process is completely automated, allowing for well-timed and incredibly focused marketing campaigns.


Maximise Your Audience Outreach

It’s no secret that Google practically dominates the digital space. Just Google it!

According to StatCounter, Google takes up 92.26% of the global search engine market share, as of September 2020. That’s miles ahead compared to its competitors, including Yahoo! and Bing, which only account for 1.59% and 2.83% respectively. To give you an even more fascinating insight, Google receives over 63,000 searches per second. Think about the vast opportunities of this fact!

Due to its universal accessibility and incredible popularity, Google is used by a vast majority of consumers and businesses alike. From facilitating e-commerce transactions, delivering helpful information, and providing efficient marketing tools, Google is practically a game-changer. When it comes to advertising on Google, you need to take this opportunity to maximise your audience outreach and effectively target your audience segments.


Understand & Leverage Search Intent

One of the best things about advertising on Google is that you get an insightful grasp of your audience’s intent. More specifically, you can leverage longer-tail keywords on Google Ads (very specific, long key phrases) to focus on the user’s intent more effectively.

Compared to social media, where most people are not typically looking to receive ads (and instead browse for friend updates, vacation pictures or adorable cat photos), Google is filled with billions of people who are actually searching for something specific – this means that they’re more receptive to relevant ads or websites which can resolve their problem or search query. This can exponentially improve your ad’s relevancy and boost conversions.

When your Google Ad appears on the user’s search engine results page, you’re actually helping them to find an answer, rather than simply disrupting their online browsing experience. That’s why Google advertising or search ads in general are considered examples of inbound marketing – because they actually bring the prospects to you, rather than the other way around.


Enhance Your Brand Awareness

Many people often think that Google Ads is just about driving online traffic through pay-per-click ads on search engine results pages and boosting conversions. However, advertising on Google isn’t merely about creating dynamic search ads and targeting (or remarketing) them to specific customers, it’s about building a cohesive brand. There’s nothing more powerful than making your target audience recognise your brand and be able to make strong associations with your products or services.

Strong brand awareness means that you can build trust and stronger customer loyalty. Even if your prospects may not actually click on your Google Ads, your brand visibility is still optimised for a large audience browsing online. Using persuasive and compelling ad copy, they’ll be able to see everything that encompasses your brand identity – from your brand name, tagline or slogan, company values, your product or service offering, and more. By repeatedly advertising these important attributes, you’re further strengthening the core essence of your brand.


Maximise ROI and Conversion Rates

By advertising on Google, you’re not only able to reach your target audience, but you can also maximise your return on investment (ROI) and immensely boost your conversion rates.

According to Google’s Economic Impact Report, advertisers on the platform will generate $2 for every $1 spent on average. That means that Google advertising can actually double your investment! In a nutshell, Google ads provide quick, cost-effective and powerful results.

To boost your conversions, Google actually considers the post-click landing page experience unlike other ad networks – this is basically a measure of how quickly and effortlessly your website matches your lead’s exact search queries. When you click on an ad, you’re directed to another URL. This user experience and the quality of your landing page affects your Ad Rank, cost-per-click (CPC) and bidding position.


Need Help with Google Advertising?

Advertising on Google can be such an overwhelming and complicated process. Many businesses often don’t know where to start. Luckily, OMDIGI Group provides amazing PPC Services that will give you the best results. Working closely together with your business, we focus on creating tailored paid search and display campaigns that can help you generate optimal clicks and sales.

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