The Benefits of Instagram Reels for Your Business

Everyone knows about TikTok, but people often underestimate the usefulness of Instagram reels. Instagram reels can be a powerful tool for your business if you know how to utilise them. Reels are a great way to get more followers and encourage more engagement for your brand.

So let’s discuss why Instagram reels are beneficial for your brand and how you can maximise your social media strategy!


What is an Instagram reel?

Instagram Reels are full-screen vertical videos that can last for up to 90 seconds. You’re able to customise your videos through the use of filters, stickers, backgrounds and other embellishments. Compared to Instagram stories, reels don’t disappear after 24 hours and are available unless they are deleted by the creator.


Instagram Reels vs TikTok

The popularity of TikTok is undeniable, with an impressive statistic of over 1 billion monthly users. Despite the similarities between Instagram Reels and TikTok, TikTok serves a primarily younger demographic while Instagram’s age range is broader. Posting consistent, high-quality content on both platforms can allow you to extend your reach and engage new potential customers.


How to utilise Instagram Reels


Create the right content

Since there are plenty of other creators out there who post Instagram reels, you want yours to stand out from the crowd. The best way you can do this is by creating content that provides entertainment value or education with your own unique twist. Instagram prioritises video content that isn’t visibly recycled from third parties, so originality is the key to boosting your visibility.


Including captions

Did you know that 85% of video content on Facebook is watched without sound? Given this statistic, it’s important to include on-screen text and captions so you can get your message across without the use of sound. Subtitles are especially important for those with hearing difficulties, so it’s easy to see why they’re a key part of Instagram reels.


Include a link in your bio

Effectively drive traffic from your reels by including a clear CTA that directs people to head to the link in your bio. There are multiple ways to do this, such as through on-screen text or a verbal callout.


Take advantage of trends

Similarly to TikTok, trends on Instagram reels come and go fairly quickly. To make the most out of a trend while it’s still popular, it’s a good idea to check out what’s trending each day.


What Instagram Reels can do for your business?


Tell your brand’s story

Instagram Reels are an unbeatable tool for telling the story of your brand. Using real faces and voices is a great way to engage your audience and help build trust in your brand. Sharing reels can help audiences develop a sense of familiarity and connectedness with your brand, making them more likely to choose you over a competitor.


Introduce new products

If you’ve got a new product and want to show it off, Instagram Reels are the perfect way to do that. They give you the flexibility to show how your product works, talk about its benefits, and whatever else you think will help increase its appeal. You can use this for any product – whether you’re selling electronics, clothing, or anything in between.


Answer FAQs

Take advantage of Instagram Reels to answer your customers’ burning questions. To identify what these questions might be, think about your customer’s pain points and how you can address them.


Provide useful tips

Sharing helpful tips on Instagram Reels is a great way to engage your audience and provide value for your brand. You might share tips that are directly related to your products or services or even general DIY tips that are relevant to your niche.


Increase your reach

Posting engaging and helpful Instagram reels helps improve your chances of being seen on the Explore page. The Instagram algorithm favours reels, so brands that consistently post reels are more likely to get a spot on the Explore page. With 200 million users looking at the Explore page daily, landing yourself a spot on the Explore page can help boost your engagement significantly.


Still unsure how you can make the most of Instagram reels in your digital marketing strategy? Get in touch with us today to find out how we can help.

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