Should You Run a Brand Campaign on Google Ads?

Many of our clients have asked us, “Why should we pay for keywords when we can rank organically?” Their main concern is that, if conversions are free, why spend any money on using keywords at all? The answer is fairly simple.

The reality is, that competitors will usually bid on their keywords, and if we don’t run a brand campaign, we may lose to our competitors. In this article, we give you an insight into the benefits of running brand ad campaigns in Search.

Before we get into the nitty-gritty of things, we need to understand what a brand campaign is. A brand campaign is a simple way to introduce a new brand to a market or increase the awareness of your current brand through a paid search campaign. The goal here is to be featured when potential customers are searching on your brand terms.

A large majority of companies adopt paid search as a major driver of revenue, yet a number of clients still question whether or not to run brand ad campaigns on Google and Bing.


A few reasons to run brand campaign ads could be:

  • To increase online visibility for your business
  • Avoid competitors ‘eating your lunch’
  • It’s the industry’s best practice


These reasons are simple, but let’s dig into the data and see if we can uncover more legitimate reasons. Whilst collaborating with a client and getting to the bottom of our research, our findings were fairly aligned with our observations. Let’s take a look at the opportunity cost of not bidding on brand terms.

It is quite evident from the above table that using both of the strategies simultaneously can have a much larger impact than only relying on organic searches.

According to our numbers, by spending only $5,090 more on the paid search campaign, businesses can earn close to four times the revenue. We have conducted this experiment over the last two quarters to fully understand the dynamics of bidding on the brand terms and its merits and demerits.

If you’re still not convinced, let us take you through another critical piece of information that will make it crystal clear on the benefits of bidding on the brand terms.


Does SEO & PPC have the same CTRs?

When companies take the route of paid search, they can create a dedicated landing page for their campaign. But that is not always possible with organic search or SEO. While doing SEO, it is extremely difficult to get customers to land on the desired page as that depends on various other factors decided by Google.

A lot of clients feel that running a brand campaign is equal to wasting hard-earned money as they will be able to appear on the brand keywords. On the other hand, what clients don’t consider is that their page might be ranking quite low on the first page or even not ranking until the second or third page due to various reasons. Take a look at these statistics, 60% of all organic clicks go to the organic top 3 search results. (Business2Community).

Depending on this, the question that clients need to answer is whether they are featured in the top 3 search results while doing an organic search. We conducted an experiment to check if running a brand campaign was actually a money-splasher. Absolutely not. The data suggested that businesses can create a much larger impact with their brand campaigns.

We also tested the same to check if the data was in sync with the market research and if there’s actually a difference in click-through rate between SEO and PPC. Based on our evidence, information, and statistics, we recommend that you analyse your brand campaign for your business and let the data tell the story.

We have consistently found that running brand and non-brand campaigns concurrently significantly increase click-through rates, conversion rates and revenue. The opportunity cost of not running brand campaigns can be significantly higher.


If you need any assistance with your Adwords campaign, get in touch with our paid specialists at OMDIGI Group and we will be more than happy to help.

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