Supercharge Your Business: Pinterest Shopping Strategies for Success

Although plenty of us enjoy scrolling through Pinterest when we’re bored, not everyone knows that Pinterest can be a valuable resource for businesses to sell products.

Not only does Pinterest allow businesses to upload their full catalogue and easily create product pins, but it also offers the ability to create personalised ad campaigns.


Why take advantage of Pinterest shopping?

Pinterest shopping is an avenue of online shopping advertising that many people don’t take advantage of, yet it can be very effective in getting your products in front of new audiences who are already inclined to make a purchase.


What is the Pinterest shopping catalogue?

Pinterest Catalogues are a feed ingestion tool designed for businesses that sell products on their websites. Brands can upload their full catalogue to Pinterest and easily turn their products into dynamic product pins.


Product pins

Product pins are specialised Pinterest Pins that look like normal pins but feature key points of information about your product, including up-to-date price, availability, product title, and description. These types of pins may also have a badge, such as the ‘Bestseller’ badge if it is one of the most purchased items within a product category. Similarly, a product can have a ‘Popular’ badge if it is one of the most clicked-on products in a product category.


Benefits of product pins

With 9 out of 10 pinners using the platform for purchase inspiration, product pins are a great opportunity to get your products in front of a large audience who already have the intention of making a purchase. Product pins lead people to your site where they can make a purchase. Customers must be able to buy a product directly from your website before you can add it as a product pin.


How to create product pins

There are two main ways to create product pins. The first is via a catalogue, uploading your product catalogue to Pinterest will automatically convert all your products into product pins. This is the easiest method and also the only type of product pin that can become an ad. Meanwhile, rich product pins can be created from URLs. These types of pins can’t be turned into ads.


Shopping list

The shopping list is where the Pinterest user can keep every product they’ve saved to their boards in one convenient place. Users receive a notification when there is a price drop on an item on their list, which encourages them to revisit their list and make a purchase.


Pinterest advertising


Set up a shopping ad campaign

Once you’ve set up your product groups in catalogues, you can set up a shopping ad campaign. This allows you to engage with your customers early while they are browsing Pinterest and looking for inspiration.


Set up a personalised collections ad campaign

While shopping ads appear with a single image ad for each product, personalised collection ads appear as a lifestyle image followed by a group of products. This type of ad helps you get your products in front of people on Pinterest at scale. You can automatically create a personalised collections ad once you’ve set up your product groups by selecting product groups that you want to feature.


Using dynamic retargeting

With dynamic retargeting, you can reach Pinterest users who have already visited your site or have unpurchased items in their basket. This is done by retargeting exact or similar products that they’ve engaged with while browsing Pinterest.


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