Facebook Update: Introducing Facebook Shops!

Facebook has just announced the launch of Facebook Shops, a platform designed to sell products online without ever leaving the Facebook platform. A timely rollout from Facebook, to help support small businesses strengthen their digital presence during COVID and these unprecedented times.


A mobile-First Experience 

Facebook Shops is a mobile-first shopping experience where businesses can easily create an online store on Facebook and Instagram. You can create your own virtual store online through Facebook. Shops will allow people to discover your brand and explore product collections without ever leaving the Facebook and Instagram platforms. Shops are also fully customisable – choose items you want to feature, choose different product collections, and you can also select your own fonts and colours to tell your brand story. Shops will be easily accessible either through your Facebook Page, Instagram profile or swiping up on Instagram stories. You can also connect with customers through Facebook’s range of messaging platforms including WhatsApp, Messenger or Instagram Direct.


Native and Fast

Facebook has said Shops are intended to be ‘native and fast’. People won’t have to switch between apps and browsers to make purchases, nor will they need to re-enter their credit card details. Facebook is making it as seamless as possible for your customers to make transactions and purchase the product you’re making available.

What’s even better is Facebook Shops will be free to set up, you won’t have to pay a cent to get it up and running. However, Facebook will take a piece of the action by taking a commission for successful transactions, although it’s still not clear how much Facebook will take per transaction.


Facebook x Instagram Integragration

Facebook has also announced in the future they will be applying features across their apps such as dedicated Instagram shopping tabs, live shopping features, and loyalty programs.

Facebook is starting to roll out Shops to businesses who currently sell through Instagram Shopping or their Facebook Page shop or both. They will let you know when this feature will become available for your business to use.


If you have any questions about Facebook, or social media in general, get in touch with OMDIGI and we can help you out.

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