Instagram Bios: Why Yours Matters, and How to Write a Good One!

We all know that Instagram bios exist, but are you utilising them to their fullest potential for your business account? There’s plenty to be said in 150 characters, so let’s get started!

One Business Account Please

Fitting all your contact information into an Instagram bio is hard work, but did you know that you don’t need to with an Instagram business account? By making sure your Instagram account has been flagged as a business, your phone number, email contact and even your physical address can come pre-installed on your page, with extra contact information buttons you don’t have access to on any old Instagram account!

Make sure this is set up before you go any further in your discovery of the perfect page bio, it’s a crucial step!


Call Your Viewers to Action

Why do you have an Instagram account? No really, what is your primary purpose for maintaining your page? You need to figure out what your main call to action is for your page and include it as a feature in your bio.

Do you want customer engagement via hashtags? Then #hashtag it in your bio. Are you only looking for another avenue for driving traffic to your website? Then tell them to ‘Shop now via the website below!’ You don’t need to limit this to just one action though, and plenty of the best bios ask their followers to do multiple actions with their brand: Shop the new range and tag us in your OOTD! #yourhashtaggoeshere.

Just make sure you have a clear idea of what your goal is in regards to your Instagram page, and you’re on your way already!


One Link Is All You Get

There are probably a hundred places you could link to on your website, but where is going to matter the most? The most obvious places to send your followers would be either to your Homepage or to a specialized section of products on your website, but there are ways to think outside the box!

For a retail business for example, it’s a good idea to invest in an Instagram Shopping Feed on your website, so you can direct them to the /shopinsta landing page and it will show all of the products featured in your recent Instagram posts.

Alternatively, who says your single link can’t just link to another page with more links on it? Linkception! There’s plenty of programs that feature “link in bio” programs or features, or you can look to a common free alternative like LinkTree if needed.


Give Some Personality to Your Bio!

Please, we’re begging you, don’t just copy your competitor’s bio and change the business name! We could give you all the information in the world about what to put in your bio, but if it doesn’t have some of your brand’s personality in there then it’s going to be a flop.

Are you focused on getting your brand mission out into the world? Are you minimal and not needing to say much? Do you have one key feature that sets you apart from the rest? Make sure to highlight this in your bio! P.S. An extra emoji has never hurt anyone, add one or three to your bio to highlight features and make it more eye-catching!


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