How to Give Great Creative Feedback

Designing your perfect social advertisement can be made all the easier with the help of a professional graphic designer, but how do you translate your vision to another person effectively? While it’s important to send through inspiration and give effective feedback on the design, this is easier said than done, especially when you’re not sure of the lingo!


Consistency and Guidelines

To make their job a lot easier, if possible it’s good to provide your designer with a set of Brand Guidelines for your company. Usually at minimum, these would include your logo, brand colours, and how you prefer to use them. Is a specific shade of light blue the main colour you use for backgrounds? Tell them! Don’t feel like you’re being restrictive by providing a set of guidelines to a designer, very often these are much easier to work with and build off instead of having an empty canvas with no guidance.


The WHY is Important

When you’re looking at an image and think “I’m not sure I like this” it’s important to take a few more minutes and pinpoint why your brain doesn’t agree with the design choices. Is it the colour? Is it the font? Is the image used not something you’re a fan of? It’s very easy to pass along the feedback of “Can we try something else? I’m not sure I like this version” You will be able to come to a quicker resolution if you’re able to tell your designer what aspects of the image you would like altered.


Be Specific on Your Creative Feedback

If possible, try to be very specific about what you would like changed, and don’t worry about ‘restricting’ the designer’s potential by telling them exactly what you want. If you’re about to say “Make it pop”, take a second to rethink what it is about the design that you feel isn’t being conveyed enough. Do you want to draw more attention to the price callout in your image? Let them know!

Try something like “We really want the price to be the focus of this image, can we do something to make it stand out a bit more?” This is already a much stronger piece of feedback to work with. While it can be difficult if you’re not creative at heart, try to turn your gut reactions to a design into communication and feedback that your designer can work with.


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