Google Shopping Listings now FREE in Australia!

It’s time to list your products in Google Shopping! Retailers in Australia and around the world can now list their products for free on the shopping platform, with the change scheduled to take effect by mid-October.

Up until recently, Google’s Shopping Tab listings had only been a paid-only option however the decision to introduce free listings worldwide, was a result of the financial crisis caused by the pandemic. There will still be some paid options, with retailers having the ability to still appear in premium advertising spots, at the bottom and top of the page.


How Merchant Centre Works

With the search platform facilitating hundreds of millions of shopping searches each day, having your products listed within this will increase exposure for any retailer. The move also greatly benefits users, with many individuals choosing to purchase online this year in order to follow social distancing regulations.

The search giant had originally chosen to make the shopping platform free for users in the US earlier this year, with the change resulting in small and medium businesses seeing a great increase in their businesses and online exposure with those running free listings and ads getting twice as many views and 50% more visits to their websites.


Easy Transition from Merchant Center

For retailers who already have listings on Google and use the Merchant Center and Shopping Ads, you won’t have to make any changes to your current campaigns with your listings now automatically showing up at no cost.

For any others who want to participate and list their products, you’ll have to upload your product feeds to Google Merchant Center and be sure to opt into the Surfaces on Google program. This will allow your products to show in relevant search results across Google Search, the Google Shopping tab, and Google Images.


If you need any help setting up your Google Shopping Tab or advice surrounding the shopping platform, get in touch with OMDIGI Group and speak to one of our Google experts! Specialising in Paid Search, Display and Google Shopping we can help with a wide variety of digital marketing needs so just get in contact with us today!

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