Google Ads: What Are Responsive Search Ads?

Looking to optimise your Adwords campaign? A new ad feature introduced by Google earlier this year has been described as a game-changer that will make it easier for customers to find your business.


Responsive Search Ads

Responsive Search Ads is a tool that allows advertisers to put in multiple headlines and descriptions for their ad text, which Google will automatically test to find the best-performing combinations that more closely match potential customers’ search queries.

You can enter up to 15 different headlines and four different descriptions, which can be arranged into 43,860 combination options (!). The more headlines and descriptions you enter, the more opportunity your ads will have to compete in auctions and reach more potential customers.

From then, Responsive Search Ads will show your ad with up to three headlines and two descriptions, depending on the user’s screen size and the page’s content.

With flexibility and automation, gone are the days of manual A/B testing – advertisers can now save time and energy with Google’s machine learning.


How to Use Responsive Search Ads

Ready to take up Responsive Search Ads? The feature can be found on the Ads & extensions menu and enter the URL along with at least three headline options and two description options. Each headline has a 30-character limit, while each description is limited to 90 characters.

When writing your headline and description options, keep in mind that they may be arranged in any order – your messaging should make sense individually and in various combination scenarios.

You can also pin certain headlines and descriptions (such as phone numbers or special offers) to specific positions – but this will prevent other headline and description alternatives from showing at those positions.

The caveat: Responsive Search Ads are still in beta and may not be available to all Google Ads advertisers. They can also only be added to ad groups with existing ads.


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