Facebook Insights on Effective Video content

Video has become the main medium for online storytelling, even on social media platforms that were originally image-based, such as Instagram. Videos are ranking higher in the algorithm, gaining more views, and images have taken a backseat.

However, simply creating video content isn’t enough to gain your popularity online. Luckily, to help, Facebook has released advice to help you and your business create successful and engaging video content.

Why are videos so popular?

Video media is very easy to consume. It can be brief and informative without requiring an audience to read long captions of information. It has become the most popular way of marketing to younger generations, especially Gen Z. Unlike images, which are static, videos allow you to tell a story and capture your audience’s interest in just a few seconds.


Important video considerations

Simply making videos isn’t enough. Online video content must be engaging, artistic, interesting and attention-grabbing. How? Luckily, Facebook has some advice for you.


Best practice for creating Facebook videos


1.     Create your videos for Mobile

As most users will be consuming your media on mobile devices, utilise the 4:5 format for your Facebook videos to give them a comfortable and positive viewing experience.


2.     Make sure it looks good with the sound off

On social media pages like Facebook, videos will begin to play while muted. This means it is essential that your videos can be watched and understood without sound. This also adds to their accessibility.


3.     Keep it brief

Focus your video on one clear message that you wish to communicate with your viewers. Avoid unnecessary chatter in the video, especially at the beginning. This ensures clarity and helps you avoid producing videos that are cluttered or unnecessarily long. In the age of scrolling, brevity is important if you want to get your message across before a viewer moves on.


4.     The beginning is vital

People scroll through their news feeds quickly, meaning that they only catch a few seconds’ glimpse of your video. Because of this, it is important that the beginning of your video is eye-catching and clear. Make sure it shows off your brand’s products and services.


5.     Use movement

Including movement and fast edits captures your audience’s attention before they scroll past. Users are more likely to watch a video until the end if it includes quick, exciting edits rather than slow-paced imagery.


6.    Make a visual impact

Like movement, bright colours and close-ups can quickly capture a consumer’s attention. As mobile screens are far smaller than desktop computer screens, it is important to include close-ups of your products and services, clearly demonstrating the video’s message.

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