Best April Fools Marketing Stunts of 2024

With April Fool’s now in the rearview mirror, it’s time to look back on some of the best ways the big brands got into the pranking spirit. Join us as we explore some of our favourite April Fools Marketing stunts of 2024!


Australian Bureau of Statistics drops merch line

The Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) might not be what you’d think of as a classic prankster, but they did manage to pull off a fake merch line for April Fools. Their apparel featured iconic phrases, including ‘live graph love’ and ‘another day, another correlay’, encouraging people to take their love of data everywhere.


Transport for NSW’s train seat-inspired apparel

If you’ve ever looked at the iconic Sydney train seat pattern and thought, “I’d wear that!”, you might be disappointed to discover that Transport for NSW’s train seat apparel was just an April Fool’s stunt. Transport for NSW was admirably committed to the prank, posting some Photoshopped photos of team members wearing the train seat-patterned shirts.


Subway’s Footlong Fairy Bread

For fans of the classic Aussie party treat, Subway’s footlong fairy bread was a dream come true. Subway took to Instagram with a tasty-looking sprinkle-covered footlong accompanied by the caption, ‘Hundreds and thousands of you had no idea you needed this. Sprinkle some nostalgia into your day with our NEW Subway Footlong Fairy Bread.’ Unfortunately, it was just an April Fool’s stunt, leaving behind many disappointed fairy bread enthusiasts.



Vegemite and Hi-Smile’s toothpaste collab

Hi-Smile is well-known for its range of fun-flavoured toothpaste, including watermelon, chocolate, peach, and many more. We all know the classic Aussie condiment Vegemite but what we didn’t expect was Vegemite and Hi-Smile’s ‘Vegemite toothpaste’ collab. On Instagram, Hi-Smile introduced their collaboration with the caption ‘Because being a Happy Little Vegemite, both day and night should be as easy as brushing your teeth’. We have to say, we’re glad this one is only fictional!


Arnott’s Chicken Crimpy/Wagon Wheel hybrid

Another cursed food combo was created when Arnott’s announced their new Wagon Wheels inspired by Chicken Crimpy Shapes. According to Arnott’s, this concoction has the ‘tasty jammy goodness and soft marshmallow layers of Wagon Wheels sandwiched between a specially crafted cracker blend inspired by Chicken Crimpy Shapes’. 


Jetstar allows passengers to reserve armrests for $2

If you’ve ever fought over the armrests on a plane, you might appreciate Jetstar’s April Fool’s stunt this year. Dubbed ‘Rest Assured’, Jetstar’s new system allows passengers to reserve their armrests in advance for only $2. However, it seemed that not everyone was happy with the prank, especially past customers who had been disappointed with their Jetstar experience. Many of those customers took to the comments of Jetstar’s April Fools post on Instagram, sharing their misadventures with the airline. Whoops!


That wraps up our favourite April Fools marketing stunts of 2024! We enjoyed seeing these brands let loose and unleash some creativity and create unique products that are probably best left as fictional. What was your favourite April Fools 2024 marketing stunt?

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