4 Step Guide to Optimising your LinkedIn for SEO

You’ve heard of SEO but did you know that you can apply SEO techniques to your Linkedin? There are plenty of hidden tips and tricks you can apply to your profile to increase your profile views and potential connection pool.

1. Name Your Profile Picture

As some early preparation, you should consider the filename of your headshot before uploading it to your Linkedin. If you want to appear for specific keywords, you can rename your profile picture image to the relevant keywords you’ve identified before slapping it on your LinkedIn profile. This will now show your profile photo when anyone searches for the terms you added to your filename! For example, we labelled our headshot as “Digital Strategist” to show up in the search for this term.

P.S.: This strategy can also apply to your LinkedIn banner, so don’t let this opportunity go to waste!

2. Customise Your Public Profile URL

Your profile URL is also an exceptionally important part of your profile SEO, as it represents the entire profile. You can easily change your public profile URL, but as with any URL, it needs to be entirely unique, so don’t be surprised if the basic ‘business consultant’ suffix is already taken. It’s time to get creative with stringing together some common keywords. Try to consider what other keywords are relevant to add a few new touchpoints to your profile SEO.

This is a quick and easy step to add to your profile ranking, so make sure you try it out and find a URL that works for you! If you’re the manager of a company’s LinkedIn profile, take note: this technique can also be used on your company page to propel yourself higher on the rankings for more potential customers.

3. Customise Your Professional Headline

One of the most commonly viewed aspects of your profile besides your name and profile picture is your professional headline which appears when you turn up in search results, so make the most of it! You can stack this headline with titles and keywords associated with your field, especially any terms you’re actively trying to rank for, as you want people to be able to find you easily and often via Linkedin.

4. Customise Your Experience Section

If you’re missing specific keywords from your profile, an excellent place to fill this in would be in your Experience section. There’s plenty of space to build out a comprehensive list of keyword referencing in the descriptions of your past and present work experience.

It’s also a good idea to look to other trending profiles to check out where they choose to host their ranking keywords. Is it in their headline? In their skills section? They’ve likely tested each section for effectiveness so it can be a good idea to follow their lead for keyword hosting, however, if you have your own idea for what will work for you and your business then go for it! Make sure you test your own theories instead of blindly following the crowd if there’s a logic behind them.


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