10 Mistakes Businesses Make on Instagram

With over one billion users, Instagram should be an important part of any business’s social media strategy. However, like any other platform, it is important that you use it properly and market your business as well as possible. Here are ten common mistakes businesses make on Instagram and how to avoid them.

1. Buying likes and followers

Buying likes and followers may seem like an easy shortcut to gaining some popularity and recognition. But, it’s important to remember that more followers don’t necessarily mean more business.
The aim of social media marketing should be to promote your business and reach members of your target audience. Unless your target audience is robots, purchasing followers and likes won’t do much for your sales. Users can also easily tell whether an account has purchased fake followers. If potential customers see that your followers aren’t genuine, they will view your brand as untrustworthy.

Purchasing likes and follows can also be detrimental to your account. Purchasing likes and followers against Instagram’s terms of service. If someone discovers that you’ve purchased followers, your account may be shadowbanned. If this happens, your posts are hidden, and you won’t be able to like, comment on, or share others’ posts.


2. Ignoring analytics

Regularly checking your Instagram analytics can help you identify a number of key features, including the best and worst times to post content, the age and location of your followers, and trends in engagement rates. This can help improve your social media strategy and maximise your reach.


3. Posting too much or too little

Determining how regularly to post is difficult, as the ideal number of posts will vary from business to business. Avoid bombarding your followers with multiple daily posts, as it can become annoying and make your business seem desperate.

Posting too little can also be detrimental, as you risk losing followers and engagement. Followers may forget your business exists, and you’ll be pushed further down the algorithm, making it more difficult for loyal followers to see your posts.

Regularly checking your Instagram analytics can help you determine how often your business should post.


4. Posting inconsistently

If you post three times a day for a week, then vanish for a month, potential customers will likely take their money and attention elsewhere. Users want regular updates about your business, products, and services. It is important to come up with a long-term posting strategy and plan ahead to keep posting consistently.


5. Inconsistent visuals

Instagram is a visual platform, and users are initially drawn to accounts because of their aesthetics. Come up with a general colour scheme, filter, pattern, or them that you can loosely stick to.


6. Not interacting with other posts and accounts

Instagram is a social platform. Not only should you be sharing your own content, but you should be connecting with others. It is important to interact with the accounts you follow. You should also like and respond to any posts featuring your products.


7. Not responding to comments

This goes hand in hand with interacting with others. Be sure to respond to any comments you receive on your posts, both positive and negative. You will seem friendlier, and users will be more likely to consider your products and services in the future.


8. Not having a social media strategy

It’s difficult to get the most out of your social media account without coming up with a social media strategy. Otherwise, it may feel like you’re blindly stumbling through your social media, trying to figure out what to do.
If you want to maximise engagement, direct more traffic to your website, and encourage sales, it is important to set up a plan of what you do and how you will get there.


9. Using too many hashtags

It’s true – Instagram allows you to use up to 30 hashtags on a post. However, this doesn’t mean you should. Though hashtags are a great way to reach Instagram users who don’t follow you, using too many of them can make your account look spam and make your business look desperate for engagement.

It’s best to stick to between three and eleven hashtags a post. Avoid using overused hashtags like #picoftheday, as they update too quickly for users to find your posts.


10. Promoting yourself too much

It’s true that you’re using social media to promote your business’ products and services. However, if you focus only on selling yourself, your followers will feel like you are constantly trying to sell them something.
Instead, show your followers other aspects of your business. Introduce your employees, show them videos of your office, and inform them about aspects of your industry. This makes followers feel like they’re watching real people, not just a faceless company trying to sell them something.


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