What are the benefits of an SEO strategy during website migration?

What is SEO?

Search engine optimisation (SEO) utilises non-paid techniques such as keywords and internal linking to increase the quantity of organic traffic directed to your website. This improves your company’s ranking on search engine results pages, improving your overall exposure, traffic and revenue.

What is a website migration?

A website migration is the process of making feature changes to a website that may affect its SEO and online visibility. Successful website migration plays an important role in digital marketing, and adequate resources and dedication must be put into place to ensure your website isn’t negatively impacted.

Types of website migrations

Website structure

Changes to website structure, such as modifications to page design or content, can impact the way search engines crawl your website.

Platform migration

Platform migration involves changing your website’s content management system (CMS). For example, you may want to move your website from one CMS, such as WordPress, to another one. Changes to your website’s CMS can affect how search engines crawl your website, the SEO of your website, and the visibility of your pages.

Content migration

Content migration involves moving a section of content. This can negatively impact the visibility of that content on search engines, and factors of SEO such as internal linking.

Domain name changes

Though this form of website migration is relatively simple, it can still have a substantial impact on your website’s SEO.

Web host changes

Protocol changes involve switching website protocols, such as switching from HTTP to HTTPS, or adding them to your website.

Protocol changes

Increased visibility and web traffic translates to more sales and revenue, as does an increased level of trust between you and potential customers. The higher your website ranks on search engines, the more legitimate and ‘popular’ your business will appear. This in itself can convince potential customers to visit your website instead of a competitor’s.

Why is SEO needed for a website migration?

Often the aim of a website migration is to help increase traffic and revenue by improving aspects such as user experience, speed and web design. However, if carried out incorrectly, you risk losing website traffic, search engine rankings and leads. In some instances, improper website migration can even lead to penalties from Google, which will again lead to decreased traffic and revenue. Placing a specific focus on maintaining your SEO while conducting a website migration is vital to ensure that your website continues to perform as best it can.

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