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Why is on-page SEO important?

On page SEO helps search engines analyse your website and determine whether your content is relevant to a user’s search queries. This, in turn, helps your website appear higher up in search engine results.

Elements of on-page SEO


Website content is the most crucial aspect of your on page SEO, and it is essential that you consider what content is relevant and interesting to potential customers. The length of website content is also important. Content that is too short will negatively impact your website’s SEO. In general, the longer the better. Usually, a page’s text should be around 500 words.

Website Structure

A simple and easy to navigate website structure is essential, as it allows search engine crawlers to properly crawl your website. Optimising your website for phones and tablets will also achieve a higher rank.


Keywords are the words a user types into a search engine while performing a search. Including relevant keywords on your website ensures that it can be found by searchers. This is vital in increasing organic traffic.

Meta data

A website’s metadata includes a page’s title-tag and meta description. These are used by search engines and are displayed on their results pages. Having metadata that includes effective key words will communicate to search engines, as well as potential customers, clients, and visitors, what your website is about.

Internal Linking

Internal links are an effective aspect of on page SEO. These links must be relevant to your content and should feel natural to the reader. You should not place unrelated or out-of-context internal links just for the sake of it.

Benefits of effective on-page SEO

Gaining an understanding of the effectiveness of your SEO and the standing of your website in search engines allows you to determine what is working for your business and what needs to be modified. You are then able to make changes to improve your SEO and make predictions about what will happen in the future.

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