The importance of keyword research

What is search intent?

Put simply, search intent is the primary goal of an individual while they are conducting an internet search. When using a search engine, most people are searching for a specific answer or resource. This is their search intent.

Why is search intent important?

Satisfying a user’s search intent is a search engine’s primary goal. When a user performs a search and finds unrelated information, it sends a signal back to Google, indicating that the intent of the results does not match the intent of the user.

Matching search intent can help improve your website’s rankings. Search engines primarily rank websites on authority, relevance, and user satisfaction.


A large amount of a website’s authority has to do with backlinks, however internal linking is also important, as it shows search engines you have a lot of content targeting specific search intents.


If a user finds relevant information, they are less likely to return to their search within a few seconds and continue to explore different website results.

User satisfaction

Is your website content relevant and valuable to your target audience? It is important to have an in-depth understanding of the intent behind your visitors’ searches.

What are keywords?

There are two types of keywords – high intent and low intent. High intent keywords are ones that have high commercial intent. These are words that indicate a possibility of the searcher conducting a transaction. This could include making a purchase, inquiry, or another action that indicates a strong possibility of a later sale.

On the other hand, low intent keywords can be considered navigational or informational in nature. Someone may use low-intent keywords in their searches if they are searching for a specific type of information or website. Users seeking this form of content are less likely to conduct a transaction as a result of their search.

Why is search intent important?

Search intent is the reason users conduct searches. Matching search intent helps you fulfil your visitors’ needs better. Fulfilling search intent directs more traffic to your website, allowing you to obtain more relevant leads and improve your ranking in search engines.

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