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What exactly is
Google Shopping?

Formerly known as Google Product Search, Google Shopping allows users to research, view and purchase products. When an individual searches for a particular product, Google Shopping results appear both on the main search page and under the ‘shopping’ tab. These results are ranked by relevance based on a customer’s search terms and previous Google activity.

What are the benefits of Google Shopping?

Increases traffic

One of the significant benefits offered by Google Ads is its ability to increase website and store traffic. With over 90 billion searches performed each month, Google is the largest search engine in the world. As 35 percent of consumers begin their product research online, Google Ads is the perfect way to get your products noticed and increase sales.

Up to Date

As the information on Google Shopping is taken directly from the retailer’s website, information regarding price, special offers, stock and shipping is always current.


Hand in hand with providing up-to-date information, Google Ads shows full transparency regarding prices, shipping times and information about the company. Potential customers are provided with a direct link to your website, allowing them to conduct further research before making a purchase.

Allows customers to leave reviews

Customer reviews are vital to the success of any online shop. Positive reviews show legitimacy and quality, helping you to gain and maintain customers. On the other hand, acknowledging and responding to negative reviews shows potential buyers that you value the customer experience and aren’t afraid to take feedback on board.

Helps you stand out from the competition

Your ads will appear when an individual’s keyword search matches your product. Having your products included on Google Shopping makes information about the product easily accessible to potential buyers. Having information readily available puts you ahead of competition who may not be utilising Google Shopping features.

What can I advertise on Google Shopping?

Though many products, such as clothing, toys, books, and games, can be advertised through Google Shopping, Google prohibits the sale of certain goods, including:

  • Counterfeit goods, such as products imitating popular brands.
  • Dangerous products, including recreational drugs, weapons and explosives.
  • Inappropriate content.
  • Unsupported ad content. Google does not allow products to be displayed unless it is clear that the ad is legitimate and can be backed up with real products and information.

Google also restricts the sale of products such as alcohol, adult content, health care products and copyrighted material.

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