How can Google Ads help my website?

What are Google Ads?

Google Ads is a popular form of pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, designed to allow websites and businesses to create ads that appear on relevant search pages. Google ads won’t improve your organic search rankings; however, it can help potential customers find your website while searching for relevant material.

What is PPC Advertising

With pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, an advertiser is only required to pay for the service each time their ad is clicked. It is different from SEO, which aims to direct organic traffic to a website.

How is it different from Google Adsense?

While Google Ads allows businesses to advertise themselves on their search engine, Google AdSense allows those with their own webpages, such as blogs, to gain profits by displaying ads for other businesses.

The Google Ads Auction

In order to determine which Google Ads are displayed via AdSense, Google performs the Google Ads Auction. This determines whether or not an ad will b shown and where it will appear on the page. So, how does it actually work?


Each time a search is performed, Google Ads determines which advertisements contain keywords that match that search. It then excludes ads from different countries and those that violate any of their policies.


Of the remaining ads, Google determines which ads have the highest ranking. Your ad’s ranking is determined by a number of factors including ad quality, the context of the search being performed and your bid.

So what are the benefits?


An average of 40000 Google search queries are performed every second. Incorporating Google Ads into your digital marketing strategy can dramatically increase your advertising reach.

You decide the cost

Google Ads gives you full control over how much money you spend. You are able to choose how much you spend per day, per month, and per ad. There is no minimum price and you only pay when somebody clicks on your ad. However, though small, there is a cost involved, so it is important to consider whether this form of advertising is right for you.

It’s flexible

Not only is the financial aspect of Google Ads flexible, but you can also turn the campaign on and off whenever you want to.

Fast results

Google Ads is especially helpful for businesses that are just starting out, or those who require help to maintain website traffic during slow periods.

Gain an advantage over competition

If your competitors aren’t using Google Ads, it is the perfect way to gain an advantage. On the other hand, if you aren’t running Google Ads and your competition is, you will begin to lose business very quickly. It is important to monitor other businesses and take note of how they are promoting themselves.

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