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What are Google Display Ads?

Google Ads is split into two sections – the search network and the display network. While search network advertisements appear as text ads on the top of search engine results pages, display network advertisements are image-based ads and banners.

Why use Google Display Ads?

Improves your reach

Google Display Ads are designed to help you reach potential customers with targeted advertisements. According to Google, their display ads reach around 90 percent of global internet users, across platforms such as blogs, news websites, Gmail and YouTube.

Enables you to create eye-catching advertisements

As Display Ads are graphic content, you are able to design them with your brand image in mind. Using bright colours, large text, images, animation and videos are just a few ways you can create eye catching display ads.

Helps build brand awareness

Display ads are generally found on websites that potential customers browse frequently, drawing awareness to your brand and increasing the chance they will visit your website.

It’s cost effective

Provided you use successful audience targeting, you don’t need copious amounts of money to invest in Google Display Ads. This makes them perfect for businesses that are just starting out, or more established businesses who are looking to extend their reach.

Allows you to keep track of performance

Google Display Ads give you the ability to view reports to track the number of clicks and impressions they receive, as well as financial details such as the average cost per click. This allows you to determine the effectiveness of your marketing campaign and make changes and improvements accordingly.

Are Google Display Ads right for your business?

In order to determine whether or not Google Display Ads are a beneficial addition to your digital marketing strategy, it is important to consider a number of factors:

If you have any doubts regarding the benefits Google Display Ads will bring to your business, there is no harm in throwing a small amount of money into an advertisement in order to ‘test the waters’ and see what happens. You may find that Google Display Ads provides your business with a lasting stream of traffic, sales and customers.

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