Why should you consider in-app ads for your business?

Today, over 3.5 billion people own a smartphone, with many spending 90 percent of their total mobile usage using apps. It is more important than ever to reach smartphone users through a variety of mediums and, as a result, the need for in-app advertising has grown.

What is in-app advertising?

In-app advertising has become a popular way for brands to advertise to a wide audience. It is a popular monetisation strategy for app developers, who get paid to include ads in their app.

How does it work?

Mobile app ads are served through a mobile advertising network. When a developer requests an ad from this network, the highest paying ad is featured. There are different types of mobile ad formats, which utilise both images and videos to showcase brands, products and services.

What are the benefits of in-app advertising?

They help you reach customers

In app advertising allows you to reach a large number of smartphone users. Not only that, but in-app ads utilise deterministic data, which allows marketers to analyse who is viewing their ads, and which demographics are likely to prefer them.

Target customers easily

Deterministic data allows for more targeted advertisements. This is thanks to location tracking on devices, internet and search history, and previous purchases. In-app ads can be tailored to each individual user, for example, showing a user an ad for a gym near them, or an ad for a product related to a recent search they made. This leads to higher conversion rates and prevents businesses from advertising to demographics that are likely not interested in their products.

High click through rates

In-app advertisements have a higher click through rate when compared to web-based ads. While web advertisements have a click through rate of 0.23 percent, in app ads have more than double this, at 0.58 percent.

No ad blocking

With over 75 percent of computer users employing some form of ad blocking, it is even more important to branch out to reach your target audience. In-app ads can’t be blocked using ad blockers and businesses can worry less about their ads not being seen by users.

Make more money

The more exposure a brand gets, the more sales it will make. Though in-app advertisements come with a cost, the benefits outweigh the money spent. In-app advertising allows you to showcase products and services to smartphone users from a range of demographics, reaching customers who may never notice your brand otherwise.

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