How can videos help with your website and eCommerce?

Why use videos for eCommerce?

Product videos have become a valuable tool in ecommerce marketing. Compared to other marketing strategies, they are versatile and can help companies showcase products, provide information, answer customer questions and provide visitors with a positive shopping experience. Uploading videos to websites like youtube is completely free, meaning production fees are the only true cost involved.

Different video platforms


Youtube is the ideal platform for uploading longer videos. It is perfect for unboxing videos and tutorials, which may not be practical on other platforms, such as Instagram and TikTok. Youtube videos can also generate ad revenue, which you can then direct elsewhere.


TikTok is all about viral videos. These are short, attention grabbing videos, such as product features, short demonstration videos and traditional promotions. The majority of TikTok users are millennials or members of gen z, making it the perfect platform for marketing to younger customers. TikTok also offers paid video advertising, enhancing brand awareness.


Instagram Like TikTok, shorter videos can thrive on Instagram, however longer ones can be uploaded to IGTV. This makes the platform versatile, allowing for uploads such as unboxings, product features, informative videos and customer testimonials. To utilise videos on Instagram, you can also use paid video advertising, allowing you to market to a wider audience.

How videos can help your website

Share your brand story

The best way to appeal to prospective customers is to incorporate eye-catching visual elements into your web design. Videos are perfect for storytelling and are an effective way to share your brand story without requiring visitors to read an extensive amount of copy on your ‘about us’ page.

Customer videos can help build trust

Customer videos can help build trust Though professional, company-made videos are the perfect way to showcase a product, they may not be enough to convince potential customers to make a purchase. It’s your product – of course you’re going to showcase it in the best way possible.

That’s where customer videos come in. In the US, over 50 percent of customers say that they trust user-generated content more than content produced by companies themselves. These are videos made by individuals who have purchased your product, providing their positive experiences. These videos may come in the form of unboxing videos (showing viewers exactly what is inside), demo videos (showing potential customers how the product works) or product reviews.

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