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TikTok marketing mistakes

In January 2022, TikTok reached one billion users. For business owners, this is the perfect opportunity to gain more recognition, attract customers, increase sales and build a loyal following.   Like any social media platform, it is important to make the right decisions when marketing on TikTok. A poorly implemented social media strategy can lead to loss of potential sales and customers. Here are some common mistakes businesses make when marketing on TikTok.

Facebook Insights on Effective Video content

Video has become the main medium for online storytelling, even on social media platforms that were originally image-based, such as Instagram. Videos are ranking higher in the algorithm, gaining more views, and images have taken a backseat. However, simply creating video content isn’t enough to gain you popularity online. Luckily, to help, Facebook has released advice to help you and your business create successful and engaging video content.

Universal Analytics will be going away

Universal Analytics, which was released for businesses in 2012 and later to the public in 2013, was built for online measurement in a world where the internet was still centred around desktop web browsing, cookies, and independent browsing sessions.

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