Process & Philosophy

Whilst what we do can be very process-driven, it doesn’t fit into a neat time-driven package due to the very nature of digital being real time! Therefore, our process takes on a very agile framework. Our management style isn’t set and forget and we are actively in your accounts every day, looking at what is working and what needs to be changed.

We have an internal process of daily monitoring from a budget pacing and CPL/CPA perspective. Aside from that, we check each of our campaigns daily and look at keywords, bids and/or audiences, depending on the channel. We’re proactive in communicating insights, issues and resolutions so that you know what is happening with your campaigns and we are on top of your budget!

Customer Touchpoints

Digital Marketing is, in its purest sense, the ability for us to solve a user’s problem or to satisfy their need. We are given an increasingly broader range of channels, which people use for various purposes, on which to speak to our prospective customers, whether they are looking for a solution to a business problem or wanting to purchase something for their personal use.

Our digital marketing philosophy starts with an intrinsic understanding of the businesses with which we work and how they solve the problems their prospective Customers have. Understanding these key groups enables us to decide which channel mix we start with and how the customer moves through each channel on a daily basis and how we need to get their attention.

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